3 rooms & 1 hallway carpet cleaning for $125.00

 Prices are based on a 300 sq ft per room area.This special offer does not include vacuming or furniture moved.Heavily soiled deep restorative carpet cleaning prices start at $46.00 per area. L- shaped and great rooms are considered 2 rooms, Hallways, walk in closets, stairs, urine treatment, red dye stain treatment, deodorizer and carpet protector are additional charge. Basements vary in size and shapes, please have  the square footage available when calling us so we can provide you with an estimate. $10.00 fuel charge to all areas serviced.

                                                                                                                                          Couch and Loveseat Cleaned for $120.00

 Pricing will vary for specialty fabrics, loose back and bottom cushions, sectional couches, chaise loungers, dry clean only fabrics or delicate fabrics that must be cleaned by hand to include leather. Loose throw pillows, urine removal, heavily soiled fabrics, deodorizer and fabric protector. $10.00 fuel charge to all ares serviced


ESTIMATE DISCLAIMER: We estimate jobs based on the information that customers provide us. We make every attempt to get as close to the price as possible, however price may vary upon further inspection of carpet and or upholstery requested to be cleaned. We will provide you with a final quote at the time of your scheduled appointment and no work will be performed without customers consent.

View Our Cleaning Process Minimum charge is $85.00


Commercial cleaning customers please call us @ 815 685-8767 so we can provide you with a onsite estimate.