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Clean 4 rooms and get a hallway cleaned for free!


Includes citrus based ECO friendly pre-conditioning and deep steam extraction. Up to a 20 ft hallway.

Minimum Charge of $120.00

Fully Insured for Your Protection!

1. If you are calling about area rug cleaning, please have the size available.
 2. For basement carpet cleaning please have the square footage available.   


We estimate jobs based on the information that customers provide us. We make every attempt to get as close to the price as possible, however the price may vary upon further inspection of carpet and or upholstery requested to be cleaned. This is not Deceptive Pricing and we will provide you with a final quote at the time of your scheduled appointment and no work will be started without the customers consent. We are unable to provide a phone estimate due to the many variables of commercial carpet and upholstery.
Commercial Cleaning Customers Please Call Us @ 815-685-8767 so we can provide an Onsite Estimate. 

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